The company "Agrovet" offers several names of products of its own production, namely

Disinfection mats, which are developed by specialists, taking into account modern requirements for disinfection. All materials used in production, European manufacturers with the relevant certificates.

Disinfection mats consist of several layers: the lower part of the disinfect is made of waterproof PVC - fabric, which allows not only to protect the disinfection mat, but also to significantly increase the period of its operation. This quality is explained by the unique physical characteristics of PVC. The fact is that the material, unlike capron, is not subject to the rotting process. In the middle of the disinfect there is a dense mat that performs the function of retaining the disinfection solution in itself. Mat is in turn covered with a reliable protection - a mesh of increased strength based on PVC.

Disinfection mats serve for disinfection - soles of shoes, hoofs of animals, cart wheels, wheelchairs, car tires. Are modern, inexpensive and mobile analog, replacing wooden boxes with wood sawdust, pieces of foam rubber or burlap, moistened with a solution of disinfectant.

Disinfection mats are widely used in poultry and livestock complexes, food industry enterprises, schools, pre-school and health-care institutions, laboratories, airports, railway stations, quarantine sites and customs posts, zoos, etc.

The disinfection unit "AvtoDez" is designed for disinfection of vehicles, which can work both in manual and in automatic modes. Mainly for its production components of European and Ukrainian manufacturers of very high quality are used. The installation makes it possible not to make pits, plums and releases personnel from labor-intensive processes of their maintenance.

To date, the AvtoDez installation has been successfully operating at almost all customs-border checkpoints, pig-breeding and poultry farms, meat and dairy plants, feed mills, and others.

The advantage of the installation is that, due to the high pressure of the finely dispersed atomizer, the nozzles provide a low consumption of disinfectant. For a minimum period of time, a large and inaccessible surface is disinfected.

As practice shows, the best effect in autumn and winter time is finding out disinfection with electric heating, so they can work at minus temperature.

Specialized working clothes made of PVC are used in poultry and livestock breeding complexes, slaughterhouses, feed mills, biochemical laboratories, food industry enterprises (meat, fish, milk, confectionery, bottling, public catering), quarantine sites, etc.

Always in stock the following range: seamless aprons armlets leg protection (leggings).

The advantages of this product are the following: low price, i.e. economic benefit in comparison with other materials, the unique properties of the material guarantee a long service life. Irreplaceable when working with chemicals (resistant to a wide range of caustic compounds, acids, alkalis, fats). A unique material for the food industry (no adhesion of oils and fats, it is not prone to rot and mold). During the period of use, the material retains its elasticity and strength.

The antiviral drug "Albuvir" is a composition of acidic peptides, capable of self-organization and self-adaptation in the body, the mechanism of which is based on the blockade of peptides of nuclear import and does not allow importers with a viral genome to cross a nuclear membrane. The effect of the drug is observed after 20 minutes after its application. The preparation can not adapt from the virus and the animal's organism due to the fact that the preparation is a living self-organizing system and its composite pharmacophore is unique for each animal and virus. Especially effective is the drug with rapidly multiplying viruses: paramyxoviruses, orthomixoviruses and birnaviruses (influenza, BN, IBB). The drug does not have immunotropic and antimicrobial properties. Accordingly, before applying the drug, it is necessary to establish the etiologic factor of the disease and not to apply the drug in microbial diseases or combine it with antibiotics. The use of Albuvir from an early age in poultry and animals excludes microbial contamination due to the restoration of the immunity affected by latent viruses.

A special feature of the drug is its almost complete absence of toxicity, absolute biodegradability (peptides break down to amino acids). In addition, a relatively low ground clearance (4 hours) and the lack of cumulative properties contribute to improving the quality of meat of animals, milk and other products, because The drug can not be detected in meat after 8 hours.