Современное решение биобезопасности вашего предприятия

To improve the sanitary condition of enterprises, AgroVet produces automated systems for aerosol disinfection of AvtoDez cars. The system consists of 2, 6 or more nozzles, has the function of switching off the automatic mode and transferring the system to manual control mode, can also be equipped with a frame for disinfection of the entire car (at the request of the customer). Our company provides warranty and after-sales service of the system.
The automatic car disinfection system meets the current veterinary and sanitary rules for livestock and poultry complexes and is suitable for the definition of "veterinary and sanitary entry - a complex structure that has such departments (blocks): sanitary (checkpoint with disinfectants, dressing rooms, showers, etc.). ) and disinfection (room or necessary equipment or special installations, for disinfection of vehicles).